For couples and other relationships
You don't have to have a relationship in crisis to go to therapy. This can also be an opportunity to set a stable base at the beginning of a new relationship to have a supportive approach on your common path forward. It can also be about wanting to deepen the relationship or find new joy and get inspiration for a better relationship. As well as an opportunity to get help dealing with difficulties and triggers in the relationship.
You can also choose to join another family member or friend in relationship therapy. Someone you simply want to improve your relationship with. It can change your relationship for life.

For singles who want a meaningful relationship
Maybe you feel that you want to invest in letting another person into your life and heart, but need support and tools along the way so that it can be a really nice new and lasting experience and relationship. Maybe you need help identifying and breaking old patterns from previous relationships and getting a new approach in your relating. Do you long to dare to open up again or for the first time for a meaningful and nourishing relationship.


There are many different reasons for going to individual therapy. Some come because they have lost themselves, joy or balance in life. Others because they want to improve or understand their relationships, are at a crossroads or are in a life crisis.
My task as a therapist is to explore together with you what prevents you from living the life you want to live, what needs are behind your feelings and to find your way back to your true self and aliveness. Therapy means you get an opportunity to get to know yourself deeply, become more aware, gain new strategies and approaches to life.



Bioenergetics is a very powerful body-oriented form of therapy that helps us release old pain, blockages, stagnation and limitations both physically, emotionally and psychologically. With the help of our breath and various specific exercises, we release suppressed and blocked energy, so that our own energy can flow freely again. As a result, we become more authentic and spontaneous, our body, emotions and mind can easier respond to different situations from what feels true to us right here and now, instead of following old automatic and limiting patterns.


Coaching is an amazing way for you to activate your inner magician who has the answers, the ways and the presence to really find out what's most true for you, what's most serving for the situation so that you know what direction to take.
During the years of training and supporting hundreds of individuals and businesses with coaching, I've seen the miracle that happens every time when we slow down to  get present enough to connect with our own true wisdom and strength, our authenticity and fire.
I more and more use the Zen Coaching method which involves getting grounded into the body into the process.
When we are relaxed and present, we can face reality as it is, connecting with ourselves and find out what we want to change, create or understand. As we gain insight into what is true and important to us on a deeper level, answers and solutions often fall into place by themselves in greater simplicity. When you gain access to your own inner knowing and wisdom, power and creativity, it becomes clearer how we want to continue forward to what we desire in the best way for us. .Zen Coaching is a fantastically effective method that is empowering and relaxing, life-affirming and transformative.