What is known to be the most important ingredients for a successful therapy is that there is empathy, presence and warmth in the therapist's approach and treatment. This is the essence of my work, as well as creating a safe and welcoming place for you where you can be yourself and grow, heal and evolve from there.
Together we navigate towards the life you deserve and long for.


Tina, weekend course participant:

"It's hard to find words to explain how grateful I am to having attended your course and with that group. I've learned so much about myself and the boundaries I've been living within. Since the weekend course a few weeks ago, I've already said yes to love and I have been able to open my heart to a wonderful man. Wow, that is so amazing. I feel feminine, melted and soft like never before. So YES things are really going in a good direction for me. Thanks for everything - your guidance, love and support! You are amazing! I look forward to seeing you again in part two, if not sooner... :)"

Aldo, individual sessions:

"With your understanding presence, your knowledge and the safe space you create, I have been able to relax and dare to show myself without hiding my shadow sides and less accepted sides of myself. This has allowed me to come into contact for the first time at the core of what I have wrestled with pretty much all my life. I have dared to face this with your support and have been able to transform the difficult and the scary and come out to the other side in a great liberating sense of freedom and that there are opportunities for a happier and more vibrant way of life for me, now and in the future.

Ulrika & Gaston, couples therapy:

"We chose to try couples therapy with Jeanina because we wanted to explore and deepen our already strong relationship further. Jeanina created a safe atmosphere and guided us nicely through various exercises. She was responsive and found a good balance between conversation and exercises. We can warmly recommend couples therapy with her, also to couples who feel that they already have a strong and loving relationship. Creating time for each other and having the opportunity to explore the relationship in depth is a great gift!"

Couple, couples therapy

"Jeanina has been very warm and professional in her approach; engaged and at the same time impartial. She guided and kept us in her presence and we could feel at ease in the sessions we had with her. Jeanina carries a strong presence, wisdom and strength that is safe to open up to - even with difficult things. A sense of acceptance and dignity was felt right through the process. We did exercises that felt relevant and each occasion made a real difference. We can highly recommend Jeanina."